About Mary Kelly

My name is Mary Kelly and I have loved reading from an early age. I am particularly interested in the works of Irish writers, especially James Joyce. I also have a special interest in poetry and history.  I love to escape within the pages of a good book be it fiction or non-fiction. The love of reading is my special gift. When I browse a library of book store the title draws my attention followed by the synopsis but does this convince me to read it?, only if the genre is of interest to me but it is not until I delve into a least the first chapter or two do I truly know that I am hooked line and sinker. A good novel should distract us from the world. We should be reluctant to put it down. There should be at least a couple of novels you have read in your life that still remain in your memory. I decided to set up this literary review website to help others to find their own memorable collection of literature.